Maths Video Teaching Program

Grade 4 – Grade 7

The video series is designed to make learning an engaging and interactive experience and focuses on benefitting learners at all levels. Learners can repeat the simulated classroom experience for the same topic, which provides them the opportunity to better grasp difficult concepts or to consolidate on any gaps in their knowledge.

All content is in line with and covers all of the CAPS curriculum. Additional emphasis is also placed on developing arithmetic ability through the application of various mental Maths exercises.

 Learning Box

Grade R – Grade 3

The Learning Box is a tool that hinges on the concept of "learning through doing" and helps learners to practically apply their knowledge. This is a very effective way for young children between the ages of 5 and 9 to learn Maths, as it is both hands-on and enjoyable.

The wide range of tools and activities provided are a visual and practical representation of various Maths concepts taught in the curriculum, with each item designed to address a specific learning outcome. Building a solid foundation at a young age is vital for a learner's future Maths development. This is why the Learning Box is an indispensable tool for every learner.