Our Success

The TFTF Maths program has been implemented in various needy communities and rural areas. The effects of the program on the learners have been astounding. Some learners have increased by more than 20% within a short space of time while also displaying a new found passion for Maths.

 What We Do

We provide educational programs in under privileged areas, focusing specifically on primary schools. Our involvement ranges from setting up and implementing at schools to training and equipping teachers to be hands on in the process. The programs are fully administered and facilitated in order to guarantee their ongoing success.

Our main program is video based and is designed to be an interactive and engaging experience. Using electronic mediums allows us to maximise our reach and influence. We also offer practical resources for foundation phase learners to strengthen their grasp of challenging concepts. We ensure that all our offerings remain relevant to the unique cultural requirements of the learners in South Africa.

Our focus is purely on Maths, as we believe that this is the largest area of need in the school curriculum and the subject that is most needed for future advancement.

 What We Believe

At Tutor for the Future (TFTF), we aspire to inspire the change we all know that South Africa needs. When we look at our country, we see everything that it has achieved and everything that it can become. We want to be a bridge and catalyst for South Africa moving closer to achieving its potential. There is hope for every single school learner in South Africa, irrespective of their social or economic status. Every learner should be afforded the opportunity to establish a solid foundation whereby they are set up for future success. We believe that education opens the most doors for achieving this. Not only should every learner be entitled to that extra attention, but that every learner deserves it. We are advisors, mentors and partners in growing the minds of as many learners as possible.

Education has far reaching effects on the prosperity and sustainability of a country. As a society we should be working, building and striving together for a better future for all. Many children are born into a life where they are required to fend completely for themselves and their families from a very young age. We desire to lighten this burden for them, uplift them from their seemingly hopeless circumstances and see them shine.

 Our Mission

We want to address the heart of the problem in South Africa by changing the lives of its people. We desire to use the skills of the few to make a large impact on the needs of the many.

Our mission is to create opportunities for those that have grown up with less opportunity to succeed in life, where the need for support and influence is most prevalent. We care for each and every learner, and we do everything in our power to ensure a successful future for these learners, because they are our priority. This is what makes us different. This is what makes us better.